One platform for your team to collaborate, sell, deliver and support customers.

Alumahub is an integrated suite of business applications for small & medium-sized companies.

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Alumahub Features

Amazing features

Alumahub is complete software that is a great fit for almost any company, freelancer or many other uses. With its clean and modern design, Alumahub can help you look more professional to your customers and help improve business performance at the same time.

alumahub lead management

Lead Management

Lead management is such feature to help businesses in tracking and managing potential client. It facilitates business connections between sales, marketing and consumer that response advertising.

alumahub quotation


Need quotation, immediately? Don't worry, you only fill out the form completely. The client also able to make and edit the information like invoice, task, contract, project by setting appropriate to have permission.

alumahub innvoice

Invoices & Recurring Invoices

Invoices are critical elements. Itemizes all out transaction between buyer and seller. Ability to set up recurring invoice.

alumahub project management

Project Management

Planning and guiding project process from conception to completion. Ability to assign multiple staff members on task.

alumahub support system

Support Systems

Handling and resolving clients issues with one click to get the auto ticket, then set your priority, insert knowledge base link, add predefined replies.

alumahub task manager

Task Management

A tool that can help effectively organize and manage tasks. It involves starting, progress, testing, feedback and completing. Tasks can be related to mostly all important features.

alumahub crm

Customer Centric

You can set client who is active nor inactive. It makes you easier to follow up your active client, by all means you can view all of the history.

alumahub quotation

Expense Management

An effective reporting to track costs, create a new report, add or delete specific expense items and modify existing ones.

alumahub sales report

Sales Report

A sales report describes all the records that have been made and summarized to facilitate reporting. This report can be analyzed by the sales admin to decide the best way to identify sales volume could possibly be increased.

Explore more features

alumahub to do list

To Do List

Every staff member can have their own personal todo dashboard which will allow your staff member to easily organize the their work.

alumahub reminder


To remain the staff member by sending email notification. Reminders only available for important features.

alumahub goal tracking

Goal Tracking

You should write down your goals, to keep you on track to achieve them. Ability to notify staff members about failure or success.

alumahub contract management

Contract Management

A procedure for contract management. The requirement to negotiate, support, and manage effective contract. Very easy to create a contract and send the contract to customer email.

alumahub proposal management

Proposal Management

Good proposal may come an interaction with a customer or client. Easy to create proposal PDF, includes items, description, quantity, and send the proposal to the customer email.

alumahub calendar summary

Calendar Summary

You can view what is coming up next. Due date is available to remain like an invoice, end of contract, task finish date. You'll never miss anything!

alumahub knowledge base

Knowledge Base

Use to describe the system. You can create the best knowledge article to train staff and organize them to the group.

alumahub other feature

More features

Media, PDF Export, Survey, Announcement, Activity Log, Database Backup, etc.

alumahub benefit

How Alumahub Benefit your business?

Managing customers is important and Alumahub helps in several ways

  • Increase customer retention
  • Easy manage & create great looking quotations and invoices
  • Stay organized by keeping all document in one platform
  • Easy monitor on trackable project
  • Enable your sales team to keep track of sales opportunity
  • Manage Customer in one platform
  • One platform for your team to collaborate
  • All apps share the same data. No more copy, paste or duplicate entries.

What our customer say

Absolute brilliant look and feel, the functionality i exactly what you looking for! I truly am so happy with the product and recommend supporting Alumahub and the developers behind it! Thank you!

Alice Koh

Creative Director

Alumahub is perfect for me needs and able to increase productivity for my business easily. So far I have not seen a better product and at a good price.

Charles Don

Managing Director

Alumahub solve and save a lot of resources but the best part is the support, quick and confident, they solved/replied every question so far that I'm feel encouraged to give them all my support because this type of solutions!

Jane Lim

Marketing Director

Get started today, AlumaHub will increase your business productivity.